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Dr. Tripti Meysman: Cosmetic Dentist, Family Dentist, General Dentist In Downtown Minneapolis

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More of us than ever live and work in downtown Minneapolis. So where do we find that small, friendly dental office in all these big buildings? Well, right here with us of course! Just ask our patients.

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If you are looking for a new dentist downtown, why not choose one of the best, one that you just might like as well as actually trust?

So cast aside your previous experiences and try us.

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Introducing Your Dentist Downtown

Dr. Meysman is an advisor to the Seattle Study Club, the world renown study group where dentists learn about new and advanced procedures and technologies in dentistry. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, specializing in cosmetic and restorative dentistry following the principles of comprehensive dentistry as envisioned by Dr. Michael Cohen, Seattle Study Club founder.

Dr. Meysman participates in advanced dental training at the Pankey Institute. The reputation of the Pankey Institute is second to none in the field of dentistry. For dentists seeking advanced training in their field, the no other institution is so highly acclaimed. It is through her training at Pankey that her reputation as an implant dentist and cosmetic dentist began.

"We always have a little fun in our office. But make no mistake: we strive to give our patients the very best care possible, both restorative and preventative. I look forward to meeting and talking with you!" -Dr. Meysman

Liking Your Dentist

At CityTooth we believe liking your dentist is one of the most important things for a patient. Simiarly, the key characteristic for a good general dentist is to have the trust of each patient, just as the key characteristic for a good family dentist is to have the trust of each and every member of that family, whether that be the 3 or 4 year old child, his parents, or his grand parents. And, finally, the key characteristic of a good cosmetic dentist is to have the proper training in the complexities of cosmetic dentistry.

A Gem!
Dr. Meysman is truly a gem. In addition to providing excellent dental care, with the latest available options and technologies, she and her staff have ALWAYS gone above and beyond the norm to make sure I was taken care of and my concerns were addressed. She is honest, geninuinely caring, and thinks first and foremost about the patient. I wish I had found her sooner!
- Rajendra Lohani
Director of Global Analytics, Medtronic

We are confident you will like our dentist, our staff, and our overall dental office so much, you'll want to be one of our patients too. So, whether your dental needs fall in the categories of general dentisty, family dentistry, or cosmetic dentistry, welcome! Come in and see us. We are also looking forward to it!

Cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry and family dentistry in Minneapolis
Offering great patient care in cosmetic, general and family dentistry in our downtown Minneapolis dental office
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